Friday, July 25, 2008

In which Newton is angry.

When Elizabeth was visiting, the guest bed was pulled out and the cats were in heaven. Every day, all day long, they nestled into the quilt and pillows and luxuriated. I recently cleaned up the room and shut the bed away. Since then I have found Newton perching on ever more uncomfortable spots looking very put out.

Pook kitty. Some day more guests will come and you can return to your soft bed.

In which Emory is very bad and I video tape it instead of actually saying "NO"

Our peach crop has gradually been leaving the tress and appearing on the grounds. At first I blamed hail and then I thought there might be a new and vicious squirrel. But I now have proof of exactly what has been happening. Emory has been picking the peaches and joyfully throwing them off the deck! Still, it is hard to not admire his amazing throwing skills! What an arm!

In which I am nervous and hope the greek gods can intervene.

Mom wanted to watch Emory for me a little this week to get back into the swing of things. He has changed a lot since May! I took the oppurtunity to go back to school and start getting my classroom into shape. I should have taken my therapist! All those horrible emotions that summer erased came back. Fear, Anxiety, nervousness, and ANGER ANGER ANGER. I've never felt this at the end of the summer. I've always been excited and eager to return to school. I used to love it so much. I remember at the beginning of last year thinking about how great a teacher I was and being a little excited to show off to new colleagues. Yes I know that is a horrible immodest thought! But now the gods must be punishing me I wonder if I can do it at all. Ebee and I used to make offerings to Apollo on test days to help us get through World history (no doubt actually reading the texbook would have worked as well) Who do I speak to to get back some self confidence? Is there a muse of teaching? I think about standing in front of all those parents who desperately want to believe that I can do this really important thing and educate their children. Why should they trust me? I don't.

To combat these feelings I make a new calendar and fill it with beautiful pictures and words of hope.

It rains!

Yesterday it RAINED. This might not seem like big news to some of my readers, especially those living in a flood zone, but it is BIG news here. This was our first rain since June 7th. It was so amazing to walk outside and feel the soft cool rain instead of the blazing hot sun. Emory ran around the deck saying "raining, raining, raining!" I have no idea how he knows that word but I felt the same way. We stayed on the deck for a half hour and just let the rain fall on us and laughed and laughed and laughed.

The sun will return tomorrow...but for now it felt a bit like fall.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Emory at Serena's party

Emory spent a good part of the time at Serena's party enjoying the festivities like the balloons and tricycle, but he also played with his friends as well, and spent some time with his mommy.

Happy Birthday Serena!

We went up to help celebrate Serena's 1st birthday this past weekend. It was lots of fun, and as you can see in the picture above, Serena had a great time opening her presents (with a little help from Shilah and Emory).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mountain Goats

Up on Mt. Evans, we saw a heard of Mountain Goats. Some had coats that were shedding, and there was a very cute baby goat. It amazes me that they live up on the top of mountains; no trees or shelter, and they can go up and down sheer cliffs...amazing animals and really cool to see them on top of a mountain.

Mt. Evans

Andrea, Ebee, Emory and I took a trip to the top of Mt. Evans. The weather was perfect and we had a nice drive up the mountain. We saw some beautiful wild flowers, amazing views and had a nice time. On the way down, Emory got a little altitude sickness, and vomited several times; thick, chunky, white puke. Luck for us, we were most of the way down the mountain, and this happened just as we came to the visitor center. We pulled up into the center parking lot, got Emory and his car seat out of the car; chunks and all. We went to the bathroom, where there was a very pleasant woman waiting in line...when the bathroom became available she told Andrea (keep in mind she was standing with Emory who was obviously covered in vomit and crying) "I'll go first" and sped into the bathroom...then when I got there with the car seat the equally pleasant Forest Ranger saw the dripping seat and cloths covered in chunks, he TOLD us to move around the building...I said, "oh, so as not to attract animals?" and he responded, "no, because other people don't want to have to see this!" At no point was any help offered (no needed but that's not the point), just treated us like the vomit we cleaned off Emory and his car seat. Needless to say, we love Mt. Evans, and just think the other guests and rangers need an attitude adjustment.
It all turned out okay; after we got Emory out of his cloths and into an extra shirt of mine, we made it down the rest of the way and went and had lunch at Beau Joe's Pizza, where Emory was very good, and we got to enjoy a nice lunch.

Just a little boy

Some shots of our little man...growing up so big and fast. He understands so much, and his vocabulary is gorwing daily...and yet he is still just my little boy who needs help getting dressed and with every meal...we love him so much!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ebee's coming to visit!

Ebee is visiting us for awhile, and Andrea is picking her up from the Airport. Emory is very excited about the visit, and knows her from her blog, and here he is letting us all know who is coming to visit.

Super Cute Little Boy

Camera is finally working again, so I got some good shots of Emory

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pictures from the 4th of July

Sorry for the delay; just got the camera working again. We had a lot of fun with Shanti, Aimee, Shilah and Serena hanging out in the van on July 4th. It was a very hot day, and we did not make it to the fireworks, but still had fun running and playing.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another non picture post

Today, something happened that should be in a movie... only I would never want to relive it!

The wretched and horrible cats (to adopt one please call) have taken to catching mice and birds. Brandon and I found parts of a mouse during his visit and I've seen bird feathers here and there. I try really hard to just clean it up and then forget. FORGET AND IGNORE. I mean after all even in a vegetarian household, I guess cats will be cats. I am cleaning the downstairs bathroom in prepartion for my guest ...Dr. Bloomingtonaut and I look sideways at Emory who has some fluff in his hand. I turn around and don't notice him any more only to feel the fluff going down my pants. IT TURNED OUT TO BE A DEAD MOUSE. Yes Emory put a dead mouse down my pants.

I don't know what this says, is it an omen? Is my child becoming one of the three stooges? Do I need to wear less saggy pajamas? All I can say is I have never gotten naked faster. I started screaming and jumping around. Emory thought it was a great game and did the same. Somehow we left the bath room.

I know several things. First I have to face the dead mouse in the bathroom and clean it up. Second, I have to disinfect the bathroom and well, maybe the whole house. And third, I think that anybody having a celebration soon will be receiving a beautiful housecat as a present! They are perfect for baby showers, dissertation celebrations, and medical board celebrations. Serena's first birthday is coming up! Purrrfect.

I think everybody can understand why there is no picture for this post.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Week of parties

It has been a busy week of socializing for me. On Monday we had Gabe's party here. On Tuesday we went to Aimee and Shanti's for dinner. On Thursday I met Aimee and Shanti at Manny and Bo's and then Aimee and I went to dinner and to see a movie with friends. On Friday we tried to go on a picnic and see the firworks with Aimee and Shanti in the mountains, but it was way to hot to enjoy (98) and Emory only lasted until 8. I hear Shilah didn't like the fireworks so they went home early too. And then yesterday we had a barbeque on the deck and had lots of people over. We've just gotten back from the zoo and I am EXHAUSTED. It is time for a nap.

In between all of this we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I have a load of stuff for good will and a great deal of trash and recyling already went away.

Sorry for the lack of pictures of all events. We kept forgetting the camara.