Sunday, August 19, 2012

Emory Ride's his bike!!!

On Saturday morning, we took the training wheels off Emory's bike and took him over to the park. We started off on the grass, and Andrea had him going in no time, about 15 minutes. We moved to a larger grassy area, where he was able to go about 100 feet. He then rode around in a roller-hockey rink for awhile, getting the hang of it. Today, I took him back to the park and he rode and rode and rode. On the basketball court, small parking lot, big parking lot and even on the sidewalk path's through the open-space! He loved it and will be riding his bike to school with Nana in just a few weeks...speaking of which, tomorrow Emory starts his first day of Kindergarten!!!!

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workout Lily

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alter Ego's

Saturday we took the kids to the Westminster Fair. It was very hot, but the kids had a lot of fun and it was capped off by getting their face's painted:

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Sunday, August 05, 2012


Last night we went camping with Shanti, Aimee, Shilah and Serena up at Kenosha pass at 10,000 feet! It was a very nice time, great weather and slightly chilly at night. The fire ban was lifted so we were also able to make a fire which the kids did a great job helping with. Below are some of the highlights from the trip:

Emory & Shilah tending the fire

Emory exploring the campground

Shilah doing a great job takinig care of Suni

Andrea relaxing in the sun with her cider

Lily playing in the van

Emory collecting sticks

Shanti collecting firewood

Lily getting her shoes on in the tent

Shanti chopping wood

Shila chopping wood

Lily chopping wood

Aimee chopping wood

Shanti and Shilah using the BB gun


And Lily & Serena taking Suni for a walk
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Estes Park

Highlights from last weeks trip to Rocky Mountain National Park:

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