Sunday, July 22, 2012

Emory & Lily in black and white

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picnic in the park

We had another picnic lunch in Rocky Mountain National Park. Below are some pictures from our break:

view from our picnic spot

Emory on the rocks:

Daddy on the rocks (again, taken by Emory)

Emory & Lily exploring:

Lily conquering the mountain:

(then resting afterwards)

Lily in her adventure pose:

Emory practicing his hunting - throwing a sharpened spear at the tree:

Uncle Don & Aunt Sue through Lily's eyes (pics by Lily)
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Rocky Mountain National Park

This morning, after breakfast we drove up Train Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. We stopped near the top and had a small hike and enjoyed the view. There are some rare pictures of me and Andrea taken by Emory! He has taken some interest in taking pictures, and they came out quite good! All the ones that I am in, Emory took!

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Winter Park Sunset

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Grand Lake

After the hike, we had a picnic lunch at Grand Lake and the kids had a wonderful time playing in the water at the beach! It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun:
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Weekend in Winter Park

We spent the weekend in Winter Park Colorado; Andrea Emory & I along with Andrea's Aunt Sue and Uncle Don. We got up there Friday night and came back this afternoon. On Saturday we went on a hike near Grand Lake. Below are some pictures from the hike:
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