Monday, April 22, 2013

Quote from Lily

At dinner this evening, we were talking about our favorite colors. Emory and I were telling each other which colors we like best, and Lily interjected her thoughts:

"My favorite color is pink. I love pink SO MUCH that i'm tired of loving pink. And that is A LOT!"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Bikes

Emory outgrew his old bike, so I "refurbished" it for Lily: Painted it, gave it some glitter, stickers and training wheels and now she has a new bike! And Emory also got a new bike too, one that he can grow into. I took them riding in our neighborhood for a bit today, get them outside and riding again!

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Happy Birthday Shilah

After the Kite Festival, we headed up to Conifer to celebrate Shilah's birthday! It was a LOT of fun, and we are so happy we could help Shilah celebrate! Most of the pictures I got were of Emory & Lily playing with their cousins, Sam & Maya, and taking their turn on at the pinata!


(Yes Maya, go Red Sox!!!)
(Just for you Tommy)
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Kite Festival

Saturday, in the neighboring town of Arvada, they had their annual Kite Festival. Thousands of people come and occupy a large field and fly kites! Thank you SO much to Nana, who on Friday took Emory and helped him make his own kite, and then Saturday morning took him to the festival to fly his kite. It is much appreciated and Emory enjoyed it very much, so Thank You Nana! Andrea, Lily and I joined them at the festival after Lily's soccer game, and it was really neat. There were LOTS of kites, as well as vendors and even live music. It was lots of fun!

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Soccer Lily

Yesterday morning, Lily had a soccer game. While sunny, it was windy and chilly and daddy didn't prepare Lily for the weather. So, she had to wear his shirt and hat! They worked for a bit, then she shed them and had a great game, on her way to scoring 4 goals (albeit there are no goalies, but still a feat none the less).

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Jump City!

An amazing place just opened up right by our house, and we visited there yesterday. It was AWESOME! We had so much fun there, that after 2 hours, the kids wanted to play more! My camera ran out of batteries, so I only got a few shots, but next time, there will be more!

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