Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our little guy is growing up

We just got Emory a booster seat. He had been in his high-chair long enough, and we can't wait to get our dining room back. It is exciting that he is almost ready for his own seat at the table, and at the same time, it is a little sad the our little man is growing up.

little boy helping in the yard

Spring is springing

Our yard is coming alive with color! Our flowers, bushes and trees are all in full bloom and it makes for amazing splashes of color. Emory has been enjoying playing outside, and he would spend all day in our back yard if we let him. He likes to play with sticks, rocks, flowers and his various cars and toys with wheels.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day at the farm

What a beautiful day it was today. In the morning we went shopping for summer cloths for Emory. There is an annual sale in Boulder that is open to the public. It is put on by the Mothers Of Multiples, a program for parents with twins, triplets, etc. We got him an entire summer wardrobe and some toys; a great success.
We then went to an amazing farm for children located in Longmont Colorado. It is a functional farm that is geared towards children. There are toys everywhere, a tree fort and all types of animals the kids can interact with. There were cows, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, lambs, goats and even a Llama. They have out buckets of corn to feed to the animals, and random barns and houses with toys and bikes for the kids to play on. An amazing place, and Emory ate it up! He had so much fun feeding the animals, playing with the tractors, chasing the chickens and just running and playing in the fields. Awesome day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


rules of vegetarianism

As a life-long vegetarian, you would think that I should know the answer to this question; Are vegetarians allowed to eat animals that have been extinct since the Age Of The Reptiles? Here Emory devours a dinosaur!...(book)


As you all know, I am not fond of green vegetables. However, when I recently got an email recipe from Ebee, I knew Gabe would love it.

Steamed broccoli, Sauteed with onions and garlic, and pureed with lemon juice and olive oil. Serve over pasta.

I love my husband SO SO much I decided to sacrifice myself and make him this dinner. And I thought well, I hate broccoli but I love all the other things... Maybe Maybe if it doesn't smell hideous I will try it.

The tester

It did not smell anything like broccoli, but I was still unsure.

First I got Emory to test it.

He was not enthused.

The tasting

I carefully taste a tiny bit.

And the response?

I Loved it! (See expression of shocked surprise)
Hooray I eat two green vegetables now!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tough year

Recently my students have been very endearing and annoying at the same time. Today a 7th grader came up to me with a pile of trash in his hands. He said, "What should I do with this?" I probably should have just said, "Throw it away" but I couldn't do it. I hate answering all these questions all day long from people who know the answer. So instead I said, "You know, I think that you will be able to come up with a solution to that problem and I don't think you need my assisstance with that weighty issue." As I looked around the room I could see three trash cans and a recylcing bin within a 10 foot radious. He looked at the trash for a moment and then very carefully piled it on an empty desk and went back to his seat. I took three deep breaths and looked the other way.

For your amusement I am posting some of the more frustrating questions that students ask. Tomorrow I'll post common teacher sayings just so it's fair.

1. What page are we on? (It's posted on the board)
2. Do I need to write this down? (Only if you want to learn it)
3. Did we do anything yesterday? (No we sat here and picked our noses because you were absent.)
4. Can we have a free day? (absolutely, that's why I went to school and got a master's degree)
5. Will this be on the test? (Are you going to stop learning if I say no?)
6. I haven't turned in any work for the past 5 weeks, do you think I can pass this class? (!)
7. When will I ever use this anyway? (well you see, Reproduction is ...)
8. What's wrong with my tee shirt? (Ummm...well... Sluts are Us is not really our official school slogan)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

More puppies

We went and visited Grandpa Charlie and the dogs this morning. Today was the first time that I have seen Emory play with the dogs and puppies. He would let them lick his face, and run away laughing and they would chase him...lots of fun. Beautiful morning; and it was nice to spend time with Grandpa, and Emory loved playing with the wagon, climbing on the concrete block and he even got to ride Grandpa Charlie's motorcycle!

Kite Day

On Saturday, we heard about a Kite festival near our house. We figured there would be some people flying kites, but when we got there there was 100's of kites of all shapes, colors and sizes and there was music and carnival booths....what fun! We had a great time, and Emory loved the kites; however they were not nearly as enjoyable as a pile of ice someone had left on the ground.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We've been having so much fun playing with Shilah! Last week we went up and played dress up. Here's Emory as a Vegas Showgirl!