Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thank you Anica & Aaron

For Emory's birthday, Aunt Anica and Uncle Aaron (on advice from Emory's parents) got Emory 2 nerf guns. He loves them, and has spent hours a day playing with them:

We created a game, where Emory got a bunch of his 'guys' and we set them up on a chair in the corner and we take them down with the darts:

Eventually the game took the natural progression, and the suction cup darts were stuck to other things:

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Monday, October 24, 2011

the Zoo!

This morning Emory, Lily and I met Aimee, Serena, Grandma Evie and Peter at the zoo. Daddy is a sucker - Emory & Lily ended up with new sunglasses

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Hike in Bailey

Yesterday a few of us went on a hike in Bailey. It was a really nice day, and a beautiful place to go for a walk. It was easy enough for the kids (and me) but very pretty with lots for all ages to enjoy.

bridges across a stream

Silly aunt Claire!

Rocks for us to climb

Emory, Shilah & Serena blaze the trail for us

Aunt claire finds a nice place to take a rest...

and rocks for the kids to play on

a little field for the kids to rest in

Emory & Daddy taking a quick break

another bridge across a stream

Uncle Shanti and Serena coming down a big hill

Grandma Evie, Aunt Claire and cousin Serena playing on the rocks

Cousin Shilah taking a break

...and Emory & Serena finding her

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Grandma Evie & Peter come to visit!

Grandma Evie and Peter are in town visiting us for a long weekend! It is so great to have them here - They helped us celebrate Emory's Birthday, went on a hike with us up in Bailey, had dinner up at Shanti & Aimee's last night, joined us at the zoo today and are going out to the Watercourse tonight - and we still have all day tomorrow with them. Thank you Evie & Peter for spending time playing with us and our families!

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Happy Birthday Emory!!!

On Saturday we celebrated Emory's 5th Birthday! Andrea did such a wonderful job getting our house ready for guests, ordering the cake, organizing and helping the kids with activities to make Emory's birthday a great one!

The kids drew monsters on an old sheet with markers - reason why you may ask?'ll see...

Then, because it was a very nice day, they made their own pizzas out on the deck! Andrea made the dough prior to the party, and had little cups of sauce and cheese ready, and they had a very fun time making pizza. Then, while the pizza's cooked...

...all the kids got thier own can of Silly String and they 'shot' their monsters on the sheet! They all loved it so much!

Even Lily got to partake in the action (with a little help from Mama)

As you would expect, not only the monsters ended up being shot...

and when the can's ran out, they picked up the string and threw it at the monsters...

Here, Emory has a big jump to reach the high monsters

after that, we sent the kids downstairs to play with Balloons...Daddy then played a monster and was demolished by 7 little boys and girls with balloons - tiny little fists of fury batting me down

After we ate our pizza's, it was time for presents!

and then cake. Emory picked out his own cake, and you may wonder what a tank is doing in the center of a Halloween theme cake...well, he is a little boy (and the tank is a transformer, and that was the theme of his party).

Bye-bye...thanks to all my friends and family who helped make my special day wonderful!

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