Monday, October 24, 2011

Hike in Bailey

Yesterday a few of us went on a hike in Bailey. It was a really nice day, and a beautiful place to go for a walk. It was easy enough for the kids (and me) but very pretty with lots for all ages to enjoy.

bridges across a stream

Silly aunt Claire!

Rocks for us to climb

Emory, Shilah & Serena blaze the trail for us

Aunt claire finds a nice place to take a rest...

and rocks for the kids to play on

a little field for the kids to rest in

Emory & Daddy taking a quick break

another bridge across a stream

Uncle Shanti and Serena coming down a big hill

Grandma Evie, Aunt Claire and cousin Serena playing on the rocks

Cousin Shilah taking a break

...and Emory & Serena finding her

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