Sunday, October 16, 2011

Denver Aquarium

Yesterday I got to spend some time with the kids and we went to the Denver Aquarium. Here are a few shots from our morning together:

sitting with a shark out front

Lily & Emory sitting in a sharks mouth

Lily "driving"

here they are 'petting' the fish

Emory got very 'startled' by this catfish...he was standing with his back to the tank, turned around it was right in his face!

you can see in the background the eel...I told him the eel was bigger than he was so he wanted to stand next to him to see...

And you can see the fish in the background - a big gray fish bigger than Lily!

and they found the tunnell to play in

here they are in a bubble looking into the tank

they had lots fo fun in the bubbles

then they ran and 'hid' from me which they thought was so funny

and then they hid again...

and finally, after we got out they found Dora and Diego and posed with their friends
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