Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our triumphant return to "Big Water"

Our triumphant return to "Big Water"

Our triumphant return to "Big Water"

This morning Emory and I went to the Butterfly Pavilion while mama rested. What used to be a good 2 hour adventure has turned into a 30 minute race. We rush into the insect room; do a quick lap and head for the star fish area. We pet each of the 2 starfish once, and head into the butterfly room. We do a speed lap and break for the exit to the play area. Once around and were done! It is still fun, but not quite the novelty it once was. Anyway, we made it to the Big Water again today and, as usual, we had a lot of fun. After playing in the water, we visited another nearby fountain and a play area with some large bronze horses. Great afternoon!

The End of a big day

We met up with Shanti, Aimee, Shilah and Serena at Aimee's brothers house for dinner. They have a gorgeous place in south east Denver, and we had a lovely time. It was a nice, relaxing time for the adults while Emory, Shilah and Serena played themselves ragged. It was a great finish to a fun day.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Andrea and her friend Carrie Ann went for a hike today, and I got to hang with Emory. We decided that it was a very nice day, and that we would also go for a "hike". This actually means that we take a few steps and play with something, and then take a few more while he tells me what he sees and does, and then we stop for a sip of water, and then we take a few more steps and he picks up a rock and so on and so ends up being that I follow Emory around and make sure that he does not hurt himself, me or the animals we see on the path. For example: There was a very "pretty flower" with a "BEE, BEE, BEE, BEE" flying around it...the bee landed and Emory went to "pet bee"...he was intending to actually pet the bee; he had his hand extended before I was realized what he was doing and was able to thwart his good intentions. Needless to say we always have a good time, and I am usually exhausted by the time we get back from our "hike" even though we go about 1/4 mile in an hour and a half.

A "pretty flower" and "big bird" that we saw on our trip to the "big water". Emory is very good a describing what he sees and does. As we walked to the water, Emory announces what he does; "Emory running...Emory walking..."

Emory at the beach

Emory loved throwing rocks into the water.

Star Wars and Zucchini's

I was at Target yesterday and saw an outfit that I could not refuse. I know, I am a horrible impulse shopper, but I think that it was well worth it. Andrea's friend Carrie Ann came by today to go for a hike/walk with Andrea and she brought us some Zucchini Bread and a very large Zucchini that Emory immediately took a liking to. He walked around the room saying "big Zucchini".

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More fun at the park

Emory and I had so much fun at the park yesterday that we decided to bring mommy with us today. While we did play on the slides a little, Emory felt that they were so "yesterday" and today we spent most of the time playing on the tennis court and in the sand box. Daddy doesn't 'play well with others' in the sand box, so I had to find other ways of amusing myself. Yee-Haw!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A morning at the park

A morning at the park

Emory and I went to the park this morning while mommy slept off her hangover...actually she was just sleepy so we got out of the house so she could rest. It has been awhile since I have got to take him to the park and we had a great time. As you can see above, Emory loves the slides. Today, for the first time, he went down the "tunnel slide". Daddy had to go first to show him how to do it (and I almost got stuck), but after that he was on his own..."tunnel slide, tunnel slide, more tunnel slide". I was great morning with Emory and mommy got to sleep a little. This afternoon we are heading to the Butterfly Pavilion and the 'big water'. Great day planned.

Nature pics

Just a few recent nature pics of mine.