Saturday, August 30, 2008

Andrea and her friend Carrie Ann went for a hike today, and I got to hang with Emory. We decided that it was a very nice day, and that we would also go for a "hike". This actually means that we take a few steps and play with something, and then take a few more while he tells me what he sees and does, and then we stop for a sip of water, and then we take a few more steps and he picks up a rock and so on and so ends up being that I follow Emory around and make sure that he does not hurt himself, me or the animals we see on the path. For example: There was a very "pretty flower" with a "BEE, BEE, BEE, BEE" flying around it...the bee landed and Emory went to "pet bee"...he was intending to actually pet the bee; he had his hand extended before I was realized what he was doing and was able to thwart his good intentions. Needless to say we always have a good time, and I am usually exhausted by the time we get back from our "hike" even though we go about 1/4 mile in an hour and a half.


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