Friday, December 15, 2006


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am very happy sitting in my chair. Mommy is making a strange face at me trying to get me to smile...but I'm just chillin'

two seconds later....


Gabe was busy making a ginger bread house last night. Here aare some of our other decorations for the holiday.

We went to a friend's third birthday party this weekend. Someone tried to snag a cupcake for Emory .... But he got milk instead. I'm sure you will never guess who ate the cupcake!!!

Floor completion

Hooray!!! We finished the grouting. Here Emory and I are doing some final work on the floor. Just in time ofr all the out of town visitors!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Six weeks

It's been six weeks since the baby was born. I shudder to think that if he had been late I would be going back to work now! Instead I have another month to spend with him. I am getting more and more excited about it though. After all the school day really isn't that long.

My friend Elizabeth always posts the most wonderful things. Pictures, drawings, and poems that illuminate beauty. I thought in response I would post some of our songs that Gabe and I invented to sing to the baby. I won't tell you who wrote what and then you can vote on the best one. The winner will get a prize. Though, sometimes Gabe forgets to check, so I might just cheat. (Ha ha ha ha- are you reading this blog Gabe?)

For my bloomigton friends these songs take me back to my Bad poetry days.


I know a boy named Emory, named Emory, named Emory
And he is such a cutie, a cutie, a cutie!

Hey little Buddy what do you say?
You're the cutest thing to come our way.
You poop a little, pee a little, poop some more
You're the cutest one we do adore!

#3 (Sung to your are my sunshine)

You are my baby! I am your Mommy!
And I will love you forever more
And I will be there when you need me
'Cause yo-ou are my Baby!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sleeping is getting more interesting. Emory is generally very decent about eating and then going right to sleep at night. But there are times, generally at two AM, when he decides that he would rather be up. I've discovered if I am very very quick and give him a pacifier that he will be content to lay in bed and chill while I sleep. I hear him stir and I am instantly awake. I reach for the sucky, knocking it on the floor. I curse and then look guiltily at Gabe to see if he's up. He turns over and snores. Emory is now starting to squall. I get out of bed and feel around in the dark for the sucky. I find the book I was looking for last week. Finally, I feel the sucky. Now I try to find Emory's mouth. I find his ear and his eye. Emory squalls louder. I hear a slurping sound and feel liquid all over my arm. He has puked on me again. I finally find his mouth. Emory is happy, but I am soaked. Where was that burp cloth?? I reach around and find Gabe's tee-shirt. Quick inner debate...after all Gabe is asleep, he probably won't notice before I go back to sleep. Is it a Red Socks tee shirt? No, good, I will apologize later and sleep dry now. I dry off and land gratefully on the pillow. SQUALL! Emory has spit out the sucky. I groan and turn over to again look for the sucky.

The next morning Gabe finds me in bed with three books, five suckies, and a damp shirt.

The Pless Boys prepare for sleep.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

This was a chaotic week as I had to teach a class and be videotaped on Wednesday and had an all day class presentation on Sat. I spent most of the week alternating being dreading those things and procrastinating working on them. You would think that someone who has been a student for 20+ years and a teacher for ten wouldn't procrastinate, but I am incorrigible. However, they are now both done and I have nothing else to worry about for at least a month!

I weighed the baby today and he is now about 9.2 lbs!!! Last night Shilah came over for a visit and we had a wonderful time as you can see from the pictures. Today Gabe and I continue to work on the tiling process. We are getting very excited about the upcoming visits from family! Hopefully the tiling will be done. Otherwise we will all be grouting instead of celebrating.

The most exciting new news is that my mom has found and made an offer on a condo in town. Her new condo is only about four miles from us. That will be very nice!

There are lots of posts and pictures below, including shots of the floor progress. Here is a picture of me and the naked baby.

Here are Emory's recent "headshots"

Gabe and Shilah enjoy dinner. In the past Shilah has been really shy around Gabe. But last night she loved playing with her Uncle. They had a great time dancing, playing pool, and coloring. I spent the evening mostly with the baby because he was very clingy. I think it was because I was gone all day for the first time, but he just wanted to eat and be held all the time.

Shilah and Emory chill in the rocking Chair. Shilah loves the baby. She especially loves saying "baby" We like to play the game "Where are the baby's ears? Where is the baby's nose?"

Here's A picture of the two week old Emory and the plywood floor. Gabe has just taken all the laminate up. Everything is sticky and Smelly!

Gabe fixes Part of the plywood subfloor before we put the wonderboard down.

Laying the Tile with the new concrete subfloor.

The new floor!! Still needs to be grouted.