Monday, July 30, 2007


Yesterday, Gabe asked me if I was nervous about going back to school. That question made me realize that I am going back to school. I love teaching but....I don't want to leave my baby. Those sweet smiles everyday should be for me. And so should the squalling noises.

Luckily, Gabe is there to comfort me.


Our peach crop is doing tremendously well. The only problem is that yellow jackets like to eat the peaches so many of them have holes in them. Gabe and I went to Home Depot to by a trap for them, but neither one of us could handle the idea of sneakily attracking bugs into a trap where they then starve and die. We have decided to share our crop. Emory loves the peaches and gets very excited about them.

Temporary Librarian knows me well!

Temporary Librarian noticed that my blogging had dropped off and was able to figure out why...Gabe and I have been spending every free moment reading to each other. During

the day I grab another book and frantically read to keep my mind off what's happening to Harry! (If you are a history buff check out 'The Other Boleyn Girl") I've been scared to log on to the computer, read emails, or check blogs for fear that somebody will tell me what happens. Gabe and I have 90 pages left. Last night at 8:45 Gabe decided we should go to bed rather than press on. (My attempts to convince him that it was actually 7 pm did not work) So tonight is the big finish.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More anticipation

Today Gabe and I discussed the reading of the new Harry Potter book. The options were many. I could read it first and then struggle not to talk about it for a while. Gabe could read it first and struggle with me trying to steal and hide the book from him. We could get two copies. We have decided to read it together out loud every night. Gabe is concerned that I will not be able to stop from "peeking" during the day. I am too. The solution? We are going to lock it up during the day. Ohhh the sweet sweet anticipation. It is a little humbling to think...even if you are the Queen of England or a star in the movies or an ordinary (yet quite extraordinary) have to wait until Sat at 12:01 AM. Unless I guess you are JK Rowling's editor. I wonder if they have to sign confidentiality papers. In my case...we are waiting until Sat afternoon because it is being delivered. (Unlike babies- you do know when the mail is coming!!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Daddy time

Gabe loves to spend time with Emory. They play and play! Gabe can get Emory to laugh like no one else.

Here comes a pool shark

Emory starts his education.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sleeping babies!

We finally got the call last night and I rushed to the hospital to pick up Shilah. Emory was awake and so he came with us. Aimee was in heavy labor when we got there so we left quickly. The babies were so excited by the time we got home byt the nighttime adventures that sleep was not an option. Gabe finally moved to the couch and the two upset babies left the cribs and came to bed with me. They were happy immediately and I got cuddles on both sides. Here they are in the morning. Right after I took this picture I got the call from Shanti that Serena Daryn had been born only an hour after Aimee got to the hospital! We quickly ate and dressed to go visit. I say quickly but....I am coming to realize that that word doesn't really apply to two babies. It took us two hours.

The Pless girls- Welcome baby Serena!

Aimee relaxes with her two lovely daughters.

She looks great and says she is relieved to not be pregnant anymore. Shilah loves her new baby sister and likes to hold Serena on her lab and give her kisses.

Congratulations Aimee and Shanti

Uncle Gabe again

Gabe is an Uncle again! He gets to bond with the baby as we say goodnight at the hospital. Serena is very tired after her big day.

Emory's reaction

Emory is completely uninterested in

the new baby. That is a blessing as he is much too rough to play with a newborn.


Here is Serena's beautiful face! She is a sweet and mello baby!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The countdown begins!

I feel totally prepared for the greatest (book) event of the summer - I have seen the recent movie, reread the last two books and now I am on pins and needles! IS SNAPE REALLY EVIL? IS DUMBLEDORE REALLY DEAD? Will Ron and Hermoine get together?
I thought the fifth movie was really really good. (much better than the fourth) Dolores Umbridge was wonderfully cruel and the magical atmosphere was ...ummm... magical.
I am very excited for when Emory is old enough to enjoy these stories with me!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mirror Images

Emory is keeping me busy by exploring the house. He follows me into rooms and then proceeds to play with the most dangerous object in the room. (or eat something off the floor!) He discovered the big mirror yesterday and liked playing with his mirror twin. We missed swimming because he had five red spots (I thought it was chicken pox) I didn't want to infect all the babies so we stayed home... but now I think they are pimples. We are going back today.
The new Plessling- baby Serena- is not here yet. We are all anxious to meet her! (Aimee the most though) Ok I have to end this post, the baby has left the room.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Feartime happens at 2:45 AM. I wake up to hear the poor baby sadly calling. I rush to see him, happy to hold him in my arms. ( he has recently moved to his own room) As we rock and nurse, my brain kicks into gear. The wind is blowing, will it blow the house down? (should I wake Gabe up?) The is hail coming down is there going to be a tornado? Should I go downstairs with the baby to the bathtub? (should I wake Gabe up?) and then inevitably...Are kidnappers trying to get in the house!!!!??? Yesterday a book salesmen came by. He wanted to know if Emory had his own room. IS HE SCOPING THE HOUSE?? I panic. (Should I wake Gabe up??) I go to the living room to check the security system. I invented a security system that involves several musical toys placed seemingly at random but actually with careful thought around the entrances of the room, below windows, and in the hallways. ( Should I get a real security system?) Tonight the risk of kidnappers is too high. The risk to the baby isn't worth it (even though he seems perfectly satisfied) I pick up his heavy sleepiness bring him back to bed (shhh...don't wake up Gabe) I lie holding my sleeping baby and carefully reviewing the quickest ways out of the house in case of fire, where the cell phone is and how to dial 911, Did I turn the stove off? 4 Am ...the fears subside, I gratefully slip back into a panic dream about teaching. This morning I tiredly realize that there is such a thing as too much imagination.

Gabe slept safely...this time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We go on an expedition...I mean go to a wedding!

This last weekend we went to Breckinreidge to go to the wedding of Gabe's cousin Tiffany. Despite staying in a luxery condo with Aimee and Shanti, we brought enough gear to climb Everest. Within five seconds of entering the condo, there were toys scattered throughout all the rooms and food mashed into the carpet. The babies kept us all hopping, but Aimee did not go into labor. You can't tell from this picture (or any picture.. she's so slender) but she is about 11 days shy of her due date and ready for the baby to come. Hurry up Baby Serena!

The wedding!

Tiffany and Tommy move their wedding indoors out of the mountian rain, but that doesn't diminish their happiness! It also didn't dampen the spirits of Emory and Shilah, who chattered, giggled, and rattled throughout. Luckily there were a lot of babies there so nobody knew it was mine that started screaming when the bride walked down the aisle. Unluckily, I missed the whole wedding because of having to retreat to the back, sit on the floor, and nurse. You just can't reason with an 8 month old. Sorry Tiffany and Tommy!!


Emory takes a nap at the wedding brunch. I am wearing my new hat.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Lake day

We celebrated Gabe's last day of Paternity leave by going to a lake with Aimee, Deb, and Kay. There were five adults and 6 kids. We were outnumbered but managed to hold our own since we were in charge of the snacks. The kid army became exhausted towards the end and were gratefully reensconced in car seats to be chauffered home.

A new friend

While at the lake Emory made a new friend Sawyer. Sawyer is about 9 months older then

Emory but seemed a little put off by Em's method of making friends (reach out and pinch them really hard) Sawyer quickly exacuated the scene to watch from the safety of his mom's lap.

Shade time

We took the tent to the lake to give us some shade and at the end of the day Emory and Shilah rested and played in the tent before hitting the playground. Emory slept all the way home but was then UP! UP! UP! for the rest of the day and didn't go to bed until 8:30! It was a great day.

Emory and books

One of Emory's favorite palces to play is in front of the bookshelf. (Wow he really is related to me!) Check out this video and see how focused he is.

Everybody works out

Gabe has been working out a lot since January. I have wanted to start doing something as well but couldn't figure out when, where, or how. Finally I had a brain wave! Aimee's treadmill! I Aimee is nine months pregnant, she can't possibly be using her treadmill right now. (She is still doing jazzersize though! Amazing!!) Shanti and Gabe moved the treadmill to our house and I've been having a lot of fun walking and running and getting ready for the 7th Harry Potter book (ie reading). Emory has decided he needs to buff up those chunky thighs with some workouts!
For those of you who are wondering...I have not fallen off the treadmill yet. But it is really only a matter of time.

Self Portrait

I am inspired by my Friend Ursi to post a self portrait. After many many tries we got

this picture. Emory is facinated by the handle on the camera that is hanging down.

Naked baby party!

Emory always gets his clothes taken off shortly before going to bed. This time Shilah decided to join in on the fun and we had a naked baby party. Though, as you can see, Shilah is more of a toddler now!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Boy meets cat

Emory is a crawlin' fool these days. Gabe didn't think this video showed his best efforts, but I think it's pretty funny.