Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now I know why my plants are not growing! Socks enjoys helping us garden.

Andrea and I spent Sunday Afternoon at Coors Field watching the Rockies beat the San Diego Padres. It was a gorgeous day for a game!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Andrea and I spent a week in Hawaii for our honeymoon back in March. We had a great time and witnessed some beautiful sights.

Here I am on an easy hike to Mt. Falcon. Though I used to enjoy doing long strenuous mountain climbs, part of me is very relieved to be grounded to the easier and less heart pounding trails! And the scenery is almost as nice!

Here is me and my mom on our recent trip to Ouray. We walked to this amazing falls in a cavern. This is taken on the metal walkway over the rushing water...just before I chickened out! Gabe and Mom continued though and got to stand right next to the water.

My dad works at the Denver zoo. On a recent trip, Gabe couldn't resist jumping on top of the Hippo for a picture. Of course, he had to push several kids off first!

Gabe comes from a large family...but I'm an only child. However, I've been blessed with an extremly large extended family! Here are my non-related relatives at the wedding. They came out all the way from Indiana, Washington, New York, Germany, and Italy!

We had a great time on Fourth of July taking pictures of our sparklers! Despite the numerous fire warnings, there were many many fireworks going off around the neighborhood. Thankfully, it rained!

We are very lucky to live near Shanti and Aimee and our beautiful niece Shilah! This was taken during one of our babysitting jobs. Gabe was having a lot of fun playing peek-a- boo with Shilah. You can see more of Shilah on her blogspot ( You can tell that Andrea took the picture...because it's not in focus!!

We've been working on decorating the new house. Recently, I moved all my books out of the library and set up a new library downstairs. This is Gabe and socks in the chair that Evie got us as a house warming present. It is so comfortable and great for reading and sleeping!

Baby Herman comes in November. My friend Katy suggested getting a Didymous sling, but tieing them is difficult. So, I've been practicing with the cats. Here is Newton in the sling. Socks absolutely refused to be carried in it, and Newton isn't so fond of it. Suprisingly, Chewbacca loves it! He will consent to be carried for 10 to 15 min at a time! This just proves what a very strange cat he is.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today we are starting our blog!
This is the beautiful state that we live in. Colorado is amazing! We recently got back from a trip to the San Juans. We stayed in a cabin next to Andrea's mom, Jill, and the two dogs. It was a truly awe inspiring trip.