Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Emerson!

Our little man turned 8 years old today! Happy Birthday Emory. Below is a picture of him at about 1 week old and almost 8 years old. I know that everyone always says it, but it's amazing how fast the time flies; it was just yesterday we brought him home, and then he is 8...what an amazing little man we have; we love you so much buddy - happy Birthday Emerson Darwin Pless!

Emory's 8th birthday party

Emory had family over to help him celebrate his birthday today. Thank you to Nana, Shanti & Aimee, Shilah & Serena, Tiffany & Tommy, Sammy & Maya and Aunt Claire for helping make today a special day for Emory. After having friends over, Nana took us out to a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden and Emory told me that today was one of the best days ever! Happy Birthday to my son, whom makes me very proud each & every day! I love you Emory! 

Lily & her new shirt!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More pictures from my Mom's visit

Monday, October 20, 2014

Visit from my Grandma Evie & Peter

We had a great weekend with my mom and Peter when they came out to visit us! I took Friday off from work and spent the day hanging out and going for a little hike. And Saturday they came down and watched my kids play soccer, hang out with the family and we went out to dinner. Then yesterday, we all went up to Conifer and spent the day with Shanti & Aimee's family. We went for a great hike, worked on some art projects and enjoyed each-other's company. Aimee's parents came up for dinner as did my cousin Tiffany with her beautiful children and had a VERY wonderful dinner :) Aimee make homemade calzones and (as always), it was VERY tasty! It was great having my mom here to visit, and mom, Emory thanks you very much for his birthday present. We will post pictures once it is completed! We wish you could stay longer, but we loved the time we got to spend with you!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Emory & Lily

Emory in the fall

Lily in the fall

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary

Andrea and I recently celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary on October 1! And today, we went back up to the spot where we got married and took our annual family photo. It was a beautiful day up there; not quite as hot as it was on our wedding, but it was sunny and beautiful! 

Snarf with his doggy friends

Snarf is getting along very well with his doggy friends. Foster (not pictured) doesn't tend to pay him much attention, but they also get along quite well. But Snarf & Suni are best friends and spend much of the day chasing each-other and wrestling, then napping together. Adorable!