Sunday, December 03, 2006

This was a chaotic week as I had to teach a class and be videotaped on Wednesday and had an all day class presentation on Sat. I spent most of the week alternating being dreading those things and procrastinating working on them. You would think that someone who has been a student for 20+ years and a teacher for ten wouldn't procrastinate, but I am incorrigible. However, they are now both done and I have nothing else to worry about for at least a month!

I weighed the baby today and he is now about 9.2 lbs!!! Last night Shilah came over for a visit and we had a wonderful time as you can see from the pictures. Today Gabe and I continue to work on the tiling process. We are getting very excited about the upcoming visits from family! Hopefully the tiling will be done. Otherwise we will all be grouting instead of celebrating.

The most exciting new news is that my mom has found and made an offer on a condo in town. Her new condo is only about four miles from us. That will be very nice!

There are lots of posts and pictures below, including shots of the floor progress. Here is a picture of me and the naked baby.


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