Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sleeping is getting more interesting. Emory is generally very decent about eating and then going right to sleep at night. But there are times, generally at two AM, when he decides that he would rather be up. I've discovered if I am very very quick and give him a pacifier that he will be content to lay in bed and chill while I sleep. I hear him stir and I am instantly awake. I reach for the sucky, knocking it on the floor. I curse and then look guiltily at Gabe to see if he's up. He turns over and snores. Emory is now starting to squall. I get out of bed and feel around in the dark for the sucky. I find the book I was looking for last week. Finally, I feel the sucky. Now I try to find Emory's mouth. I find his ear and his eye. Emory squalls louder. I hear a slurping sound and feel liquid all over my arm. He has puked on me again. I finally find his mouth. Emory is happy, but I am soaked. Where was that burp cloth?? I reach around and find Gabe's tee-shirt. Quick inner debate...after all Gabe is asleep, he probably won't notice before I go back to sleep. Is it a Red Socks tee shirt? No, good, I will apologize later and sleep dry now. I dry off and land gratefully on the pillow. SQUALL! Emory has spit out the sucky. I groan and turn over to again look for the sucky.

The next morning Gabe finds me in bed with three books, five suckies, and a damp shirt.

The Pless Boys prepare for sleep.


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