Thursday, March 08, 2007

new phase

This week we began a new phase as both Gabe and I are now working and Mom is staying with the baby. Mom and Emory seem to be having a wonderful time.

The biggest challenge in the morning is that Emory is very sensitive to Gabe's alarm clock. So now we all get up at 5:30! Some days he will nurse and go back to sleep and some days he is up. When he goes back to sleep I have time to post on the blog, write email, shower...and when he doesn't ....I don't.

Gabe like being back at work and is being asked to take on more responsibility. It is also nice to have our connection for Celestial Products back! He is also trying to go to the gym five days a week and play pool two days a week so....he is very busy.

I have a new hobby of cooking healthy food for both of us. Thank you Evie and Aimee for all the recipies!!! We have now eaten well without going out for one full week. This is actually a really big milestone and I'm shocked that we didn't break down and have pizza once. I'm also packing healthy lunches for Gabe to have at work. I try to pack lunches for me to...but with pumping four times at work and administering the CSAP...I usually forget to eat.

I am such a picky eater that my parents despaired of me as a child. In fact I remember more than once my mom saying, "I hope you have a child just like you and then you'll know!" But I am happy to say that I now eat tofu regularly and vegetables as well. I have not been able to eat broccoli yet...but I did cook it, which is a step forward. Emory is still a milk only baby so I don't know if he will be as picky as me. But it is ironic that since Mom is watching him it would be more of a punishment for her I think! We might be trying Emory on solid foods in a few weeks. As usual I am trying to wade through the reading on the subject and as usual it is COMPLETELY contradictory. My baby book says that solids too early can lead to food allergies...but I read an article in a parenting magazine that said that NOT introducing solids early enough can lead to food allergies. So as usual I will go to my inside source...Dr. Katy help!

This saturday I watched Shilah while Gabe and Shanti went to the gym and Aimee was at a Jazzersize meeting. She is such a little sweetie! We where coming home from Deb's house when Emory decided he didn't want to be in the car anymore and started screaming. I looked in the mirror and Shilah, with a very concerned look, reached out and held Emory's hand! I almost had to pull over and snap a picture of it. Here is Shilah later kindly giving Emory a toy. You can tell she is going to be a compassionate little person!


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