Monday, February 26, 2007


You will remember from last weeks post that we had decided to move the crib into the bedroom and put it by the bed. ha ha ha ha ha. While moving three bookshelves out of the bedroom, turning the kingsize bed, and vacuming up an amazing amount of feathers....I managed to break the old crib. I walked into the nursery to get the vacume and ran into the crib. CRACK. Gabe said, "what was that?" I replied..."hmmm...nothing???" For some reasson Gabe did not believe me. After checking, we realized I had broken the plastic connectors. So we go to Babies R us to buy a crib only to be told that the wait time for the crib is 3 to 22 WEEKS. Back home we decided to order one online and found a lovely little mini crib. Here is Emory trying out the new bed.

Emory and I needed a little reassurance about this big change so we tried playing in the crib and practiced sleeping in the crib. I am much better at practicing to sleep Emory's eyes are WIDE OPEN.

The big night finally comes. Gabe has his weekly poker party on Sat, so Emory and I have a bath, cuddle, and bunk down for the night. Our bed time is 8:15 PM. He was really tired and immediately started to suck his thumb. He went to sleep and everything was fine. He slept for about two hours and then woke up very angry and upset. In the end I guess it is a work in progress.


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