Monday, February 26, 2007

HI HO HI HO....It's off to work I go.

Despite the overwhelming change in my pass-times recently, and the loss of sleep, it has still been my best teaching year ever.

I am very positive about the work I am doing right now and am enjoying being with the kids. I spent the weekend making a new teaching calendar. I never could find one that was right at the stores. My new calendar is color coded, has inspirational quotes on every page, and plenty of planning space for my projects.

The new project I am planning at the moment is wonderful. I'm working with the English teacher and we are having the kids write a play that follows the idea of the atom from Democrites to the present day. Once we're done writing and editing, the kids are going to produce and perform the play for parents and other students. At the moment I am at the COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED part of the project. But I'm sure it will come together (A team)

Today we are decomposing sugar using Sulfuric Acid. A wonderful dramatic lab on the properties of compounds. In the picture above you can see my new calendar, wonderful wonderful pump, and my lactation tea. Everything you need for a good day.


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