Wednesday, February 28, 2007

String theory

I suppose all new moms are worried about their babies safety. I know I spent and amazing amount of time worrying about dropping him and falling. The worst nightmere for me is waking up to find the baby dead. So in an effort to make his life safer I read lots and lots of books on SIDS and crib safety. Very confusing. Sleep with your child...don't sleep with your child. After taking in all of that information everyday object suddenly became SCARY. Blankets! AHHHHH! Stuffed animals!! Pillows!! So many things ended up being dangerous that we found ourselves sleeping with no blankets or pillows in a semi lit room.
Gabe found my fear rather mystifying, and finally started making fun of me. Everytime I would Ban a new dangerous item from the bedroom or house he would say, "Let me guess...this is the number one cause of infant deaths." My pediatrician laughed at me when I told him that I had stopped giving the vitamins with iron because the label said, "Overdoes on iron is the number one cause of deaths in infants." I mean what's an overdose?? an hour on the internet did not give me the answer.
Well...when putting together the new crib, I decided to read the warning labels. ( gabe didn't hide them fast enough) And what do you know...I found a new dangerous object STRING!! There were no fewer than FOUR warnings about strings being a number 1 cause of death in infants. And now I see String EVERYWHERE. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of string!! And what size of string? Does color or texture make a difference. There is litttle research on the subject on the web.
Gabe is in complete DENIAL about the danger of string. But I want to assure everyone that I will be vigilant against this new danger. I will be a cadet of the STRING POLICE. Emory is safe from this deadly household item.


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