Sunday, November 30, 2008

X- gmaes Day 5 the home stretch

This blog needs to also be entitled "Ode to Solo parenting" I am exhausted, weary, running low on patience, and drained. Emory is cranky, loud, sick, and "yucky".

So far the funniest thing to happen was that last night, Emory came to see me and Said, "there's a man" If you know me you probably know I have a virulent fear of serial killers and home invaders. I was absolutely convinced that he had seen a man in the house. I kept looking at him and saying, "Where's the man?" "There's the man" "Where's the man?!!" This is actually the same fear I have of mountain lions that once led me to sleep in my car one night about 6 years ago instead of my apartment that was obviously mountain lion infested! Katy, I know you can get on board this mountain lion fear, but I don't think they come in the house. I am just crazy

I was very close to deserting the house for Aimee's in conifer, when I realized that salvation was much closer. MY MOM. So I called my poor mom and she very quickly came over with her attack poodle and spent the night keeping the house safe from all dangers. She is also convinced that Emory has a cough and not pnemonia so I did not have to embarrass myself at the emergency room.

Today we went swimming with Nana and then has mac and cheese for lunch. We are going to go to the mall this afternoon and play at the brand new play area and probably hit King Soopers for some groceries. Then we go to the airport and pick up GABE!

So for all of those moms who do solo parenting on a fulltime basis, you're amazing. I don't know how you do it. Find some way to go to a spa!


At 6:51 AM , Blogger elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your successful week of extreme parenting! And welcome back, Gabe and Emory!


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