Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Extreme Parenting day 1

Gabe is off to MA for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends. He took the camara so there will be no pictures for a while. I will be blogging each day to try to keep him up to pace. I am calling this Extreme Parenting because not only am I solo, but because I'm off from work I feel compelled to suck all the life possible out of the five days! (And I have a very very long chore list!)

Today, I had a doctor's appointment. Lily is doing fine and I have finally gained 2 pounds! The belly is measuring an exact 24 cm so apparently I am having a baby in three months. wow... Last night I had this dream that Lily was here and beautiful and tiny and talking like a two year old.

"Lily would you like to nurse." "No, OK?"
"Lily would you like to go home with us." "No, OK?"

In the dream she decided to go home with a different couple. There is definitely a reason they can't talk at first. I woke up thinking, "Like hell did I just go through the last 6 months for that to happen. Little Brat!"

The only bad news was that I am not supposed to pick up things that weigh more than 25 pounds and Emory weighs 30. Katy Can I ignore this? I mean really, how is he supposed to get into the car or the crib blah blah blah if I don't pick him up? Telekinesis?

Emory and I got the oil changed in the car and they tried to sell me a fuel filter. Why do they always try to sell me something? I don't know whether to fall into the fear/guilt trap and buy it or if it is a scam?

Emory and I went shopping at the grocery store along with several hundred other people. I will be attempting to make rolls and mashed potatoes tomorrow. (It is good thing the camara is away) Thank god Aimee and Lauren are doing the rest. I wonder if they know that Gabe normally does the cooking? Are they reading this?

We also went to the playground, played outside, played with blocks and watched Madagascar. Emory is really counting now. Today at the oil change he counted the batteries. "One battery, two battary, three battary." I honestly thought he was just repeating meaningless words, but somewhere in there he really started counting. I guess two accountant Grandparents will rub off on a kid!

Gabe, I have fed the fish and the cats. I know you were concerned that they would die through neglect while you were away. But actually they are very pushy! (the cats anyway...the fish not so much) Oh yes, Emory ate too (mac and Cheese). And so did I (Blackberries and cooked sushi).

After an ongoing debate with Gabe on who should get more space in the bed and more pillows (obviously the pregnant person) I am going to sleep on a mattress in Emory's room instead. What a weenie I am. How does Aimee do this all the time?


At 12:51 PM , Blogger Dr. Hausfrau said...

Nice entry, Andy! Yes. The most recent medical advice is that when pregnant you must move all older children with your mind alone and never pick up a heavy laundry basket or groceries. But I still carry William and Margaret, sometimes at the same time. The third kid is still in there. If only they came out so easily!

At 8:13 PM , Blogger Shanti and Aimee said...

Andrea you made VERY yummy mashed potatoes and rolls-- thank you! Your rolls were so good that Emory decided to eat only that for dinner :-)
How do I do it when Shanti travels so much? Each day I lock myself in a room and let out a good scream... it's a good stress relief. That and a glass of wine at night.


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