Thursday, November 27, 2008

X- parenting Day 2

Well I now remember why I don't sleep in Emory's room. Pain. And I apparently keep him up. Every so often I would feel a little hand touch my hair. "mama here? Mama here." At about 3 Am I finally decided to move back to my room. I'm sure you know what's coming...."MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA COMING." So in the interest of sleep and against all parenting books, Emory came to bed with me then. He slept great. I did not. It's so absorbing to just stare at them in wonder.

We got up at 5:3o.

The rest of the day we spent waiting for Gabe to call, cooking mashed potatoes- Thanks Katy and Nola!, going to the store on an emergency run for diapers (and blackberries). I made the mistake of telling Emory we were going to visit Uncle Shanti...consequently he was too excited to nap. We stopped at Dad's to do an emergency check on the dogs while he was working, and then it was up to the mountains.

The food and company were great. Shilah and Emory ran around for an hour naked chasing each other. We are now home, but I missed the evening call from Gabe and can't figure out if people would be asleep there or not. Emory is in his bed and maybe I'll watch a new movie in my bed and hope to fall asleep. Maybe a western comedy.

I must gain my strength back, for tomorrow I face two DREADED tasks, the car registration place and the mailing place. Also, I have to talk on the phone to Qwest. OMG I would so much rather clean.

Emory remains convinced that Gabe is still at the airport.


At 8:20 PM , Blogger elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Pless People!!


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