Monday, March 26, 2007

Awake!!! Asleep.

Emory and I have been working on taking naps. I should say that Emory has been working on taking naps. I am very profficient at napping! This week, I have been religious about getting him in the crib at the right time (8:30, 11;30, 2:30) and then sitting with him for a few fussy moments before he sleeps. Thanks to Ginny Richey and the WONDERFUL Lullaby CD's he generally falls asleep in about 5 min. When awake Emory is a very happy baby with few difficulties. Then he suddenly gets fussy and it's time for a nap. The below picture is from about a week ago when he was still sleeping in the sling. He's just too heavy to carry around for three-four hours a day anymore. However, I am practing a new position and will be ready to reveal it soon. is awake. gotta go!


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