Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Never wake a sleeping baby

Every day when I go to work it is a toss up whether Emory will be up or not. I try to control my urge to sneak in and kiss him but today I couldn't resist taking this picture. Today was not one of my best teaching one point I had to stand in front of one of my study hall kid's table for 25 min to get him to work and even then he only wrote two sentences! It is so useless when you care more than the students. I wish I could just say...go away and come back when you want my help, but please please stop trying to annoy me today! Luckily most of my days are not like that.
Next week is Spring Break. Hopefully I will get done with the planning for the many projects I want to work on in April and May. I have a dilemma with work. I want to come home as soon as possible....but it is impossible to get anything done here. Gabe says he will take the baby on Sunday so that I can lock myself in the office and work. You'll probably see a lot of posts that day as I procrastinate!


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