Sunday, April 04, 2010

Emory & Lily

Some pictures of Emory & Lily over the past few days:

the positive thing in these 2 pictures is that they are playing together, not trying to take toys from eachother


At 9:26 PM , Blogger Shanti and Aimee said...

Your floors look amazing! We can't wait to see them in person. The other positive thing about the pics in this post is that your kids are not throwing dog food & water onto the new floors. (and there are no cats marking the new hardwood floor territory with their pee)

At 12:28 AM , Blogger The Krentz Family said...

My kids have bonded many times over the poor kitty bowl! They always seem to get along best when they are being very messy and naughty.

The floors look fantastic!!


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