Friday, March 12, 2010


One of my students wrote this quote on her web site, "Some people prefer misery over change." I can honestly say that does NOT describe me this year. This year I have changed EVERYTHING from the organization of my classroom, to my grading policy, my instruction, the type of work I give, the way I relate with kids and teachers....EVERYTHING. In the last couple of months this has sped up to a warp drive. So...I am going to challenge myself. It is time to SLOW down. It is time to evaluate and reflect. I'm going to spend three weeks pulling together all the best things and then put them into the class for one great quarter. At the end I'll write my PLP and reflect with the instructional coach and make a plan for next year.

And of course I'll blog about it on the teaching blog. In the diary- "A quarter of perfection."


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