Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hard Wood Floors part 3

There are no pictures to accompany this post, but if there was it would be a picture of me (ANDREA) with a phone to her ear pulling her hair out while simultaneously banging her head against the wall. I have been informed today..(not of a third raise in the estimate-that was yesterday, not of the need for an entirely additional subfloor- also yesterday) but that one of the parts came in the wrong color and they won't be able to ship the replacement until April 10th. I have now walked to complain to the office and called the regional offices. I have a hard time understanding how when I ordered and paid what was then 50% but turned out to be only 25% of the cost in JANUARY, how they can not guarantee me delivery and installation before Lily's party which I have already postponed!!!

I really hate being the type of person Gabe has to speak to all day long, but I think I am going to scream and yell until they either get my floor put in or do something for me instead of just saying, "yeah we'll try to expedite that for you."

I had this great line which I was unable to push myself to use but here it is..."Come on...Congress was able to pass a reconciliation health bill in less time than it's taking you guys to install my floor."


At 2:03 PM , Blogger elizabeth said...

Oh no!! I hope it all comes together as soon as possible!


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