Thursday, April 02, 2009


Ok.... so here's the deal. I LOVE to sleep. I have always loved to sleep. As a little kid my aunt and uncle tell me that suddenly in the midst of parties they would turn around and I would be sleeping somewhere. Gabe is not this way! When we first started dating I was astounded that he wanted to stay up until 11!!! (or later)
Recent events in our lives have made my love of sleep an unobtainable dream, but I still try. this means that I go to bed sometime between 8 and 9. I understand that Gabe does not...but I never realized what he was doing with his extra time.
The other night I woke up at 11 to nurse the baby. I was shocked to see that Gabe was not in bed and decided to go downstairs to send him to bed. Imagine my suprise to find that he was also not downstairs. I call to him...nothing. I frantically check the garage - NO CAR!!! At this point I call his cell phone (ok I was sobbing imagining which one of the many crazy people on the street had managed to abduct him - and steal the car- while I was sleeping) but No...he wasn't abducted! He was at McDonald's- getting a shake.
As Emory would say "B- A- D- BAD!"
Since then there is now an agreement that people that leave the house to buy ice cream treats at late hours will leave notes.


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