Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Andrea's at home diary- 2

I am now two weeks and two days from my surgery. I think that I should be totally recovered. However, apparently my husband and by stupid body do not agree with what my brain is laying down! Last week I began my pregnancy recovery program by going on short walks. The walks were great! But then later there were some complications and I was sent back to bed. However, I am determined to begin my recovery program again this week. Today Lily and I will go on a walk and stop by the store to shop for the makings for MIGHTY MUFFINS (more later) I feel very hopeful that this is the week for walking.

Emory is being a typical toddler and refusing to eat. Actually he refuses to do most things! So I thought I would make some Mighty muffins with him when he gets back from play room. They are ultra healthy containing all sorts of protein, iron, fiber, whole grain, and fruit. Also they taste good too. I am hopeful that making the muffins will inspire Emory to eat them. I had a long conversation with Katy (Dr. hausfrau) about this recently. She assures me that toddlers will not starve themselves but it is hard to quell my desire to feed him. So I will be prepared with a healthy option just in case he changes his mind about his protest.

Hey katy...thanks for all the other advise too! We are trying out the new table rules and so far he hates them, but he is complying. Good luck on having your baby TODAY.

So here's a dilemma...do I accept late work from a student when I am on maternity leave?


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