Friday, February 27, 2009

A Very Big Day!

Today was a very big day for us. One of Andrea's friends from work told her about a place where we can get Emory's hair cut. Andrea has been doing a good job thus far, but she can only do so much with his hair. We went to the kids barbershop yesterday, and there was a long wait so we made an appointment for today. The place was very cool-has trains, video games, TVs; all available to the kids while they get their hair cut. As you can see from below, Emory really needed a hair cut! Emory choose to sit in the fire truck chair and watch a Thomas the Train movie while getting his hair cut. He was amazing. We have to fight with him just to wash his hair, and today he got up into the chair and was very good...for awhile.
He started to get a little sad and needed some hugs and hand holding form mommy and daddy, but he made it through the experience less a lot of hair.

...and this is only part of it!

...and he came out with a very cute haircut, even if he is a little hard to reogonize. We never knew that he had my ears (the way they stick out anyway) because they have been hidden behind hair for so long.

What a cute little man we have! Good job Emory!


At 9:00 AM , Blogger The Pless People said...

He is very cute...but I think he looks a little like he is ready to join the opposition party in congress! I miss my little curly hippy boy a little.

but he loves it!


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