Sunday, November 08, 2009

Introducing Zoe.

Well, I haven't posted in forever. Apparently having a baby, going back to school, and doing preschool, swimming and guitar is deleterious (Ebee/David is that the word I want?) for blogging. Thankfully, Gabe has kept it up.

Emory and I have started a new adventure- Suzuki Guitar! He has been in the Guitar for Kids studio for a month now. (He is the youngest kid) It has truly been a magical experience. The time we spend together playing games and practicing skills is something I look forward to all day! Already he can draw notes, do rhythms, hold the guitar correctly (kind of), bow and a myriad of other skills. He loves it. You can see how much pride he has in himself at being able to do something difficult.

After waiting for four weeks, we FINALLY got his guitar! It is a tiny, handcrafted instrument from Mexico. Emory has named his guitar Zoe. The first time he gently held his guitar in heart to heart posture, I started to cry. It was on of the Great Parenting moments to know that the love of music is something we can share for years to come.

In other news...this is the last post I will be doing before Christmas...I am having a GREAT teaching year, but am now taking two graduate courses and preparing for a state exam. (not to mention guitar pratcice twice a day) and Lily might start to crawl soon! So...I'll be back after Christmas! Until then, Gabe does a beautiful job keeping everybody updated.


At 6:08 PM , Blogger elizabeth said...

Yes, that is the right word! Love the name Zoe for a guitar.


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