Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exciting times

We are in some very exciting times with our kids. Tomorrow marks a very big 'First' for us...Emory is going to school in underpants, NO DIAPER! He has been doing very good at school with his potty training and has come home with a dry diaper 3 or 4 school days in a row! He is still going in his diaper when it is on at home, but went almost the entire day on Saturday w/out a diaper and no accidents.

Sorry for the lousy quality picture; Emory would not let me in the bathroom..."Emory needs his privacy daddy, go away"

Lily is trying her best to crawl, but currently she manages what we affectionately call a "butt scoot". She can stand on her own while holding onto something (although she fell within 5 seconds of the picture above) and is getting quite vocal and her personality is starting to show through.


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