Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Gabe!

I made an edible bouquet to celebrate Gabe's day. I'm thinking of making something like this for the Sniderman reunion coming up. It has been a long yet pleasent day of cooking and cleaning for our big dinner event. The only stressful part was forgetting some essentials at the grocery store on the second visit and having to return for a third time. There's a reason the clerks all know Emory well!

We had a really nice dinner on the deck. There were grilled tofu kabobs, salad, roasted vegetables, and a sugar snap salad with lemon mint vinagrette. The recipies were thanks to the Vegetarian Times, but most of the help for the night was thanks to Aimee! Shanti and Gabe's friend Carl was visiting so it was a special night.

The smaller guests contributed more to the mayhem than the preparation.

Shanti and Gabe visited the bus that was given to us by Robbie and Ann! Thank you so much, we are already making plans!

Some people visiting the bus did not wear formal attire.


At 10:56 PM , Blogger Dr. Hausfrau said...

Andy! You are the Hausfrau of the month!

At 7:31 AM , Blogger Anica and Aaron said...

That meal sounds awesome Andrea! The "flowers" were beautiful! I think that a repeat is needed for the reunion for sure. Let's see more of the bus - and what about Carl? Tell him that he should update his blog!
:-) Anica


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