Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Leaving Ceremony

At the end of every year on the last teacher day, the staff comes together to recognize the teachers that are leaving or retiring. I have been looking forward to this day for awhile, because, ok I'll face it it's just nice to hear good things said about you in public. At one point I even wanted Gabe to come and be there to see me be presented and get my leaving present. He couldn't come because he is taking a month off next week, so I went proudly with my baby and set off to enjoy the festivities.

I think it started to go wrong when the principal came up to tell me, "When I think of something nice to say about you all, I'll call you up all together." I thought he was joking. Alas...his closing comments on my last eight years of service for the school where I've trained teachers and students alike were...(get ready) "The GT center is a good thing for GT kids. And the GT teachers are a good thing for GT kids. And now they are leaving." But lest you think I left the school empty handed...I didn't. See a picture of my leaving present.

I have to admit to being fairly mad when leaving the party. I mean.. would it kill them to supplement our income with some words of praise? But then I gently reminded myself that the honor is in the work and that the opinion of a man who only visited my classroom once in 3 years shouldn't mean that much to me. But that's the problem with people who were good in school...we're always waiting to get an A on that next assignment.

I guess I should just be happy with my good evaluation. ( or that I got evaulated ha ha ha ha)


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