Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dining in

I remember the days when we could throw Emory in the car and go anywhere for basically any length of time. If her was sleepy he would sleep if he was hungry he would eat. This is no longer the case. At one point this weekend Gabe said to me in confusion, "How do other parents get to go places?" We are still trying to figure out if other parents go places or if they are faking it. Is there a mass conspiracy that we will someday join? Will we go around saying things like, "Oh babies are easy. Yes they sleep through the night at 3 months! Pumping and problem!"
As you can see from the picture Emory is certainly NOT ready for the Four Seasons. He can grap anything in a five foot radius at the table. I find this amazing considering that he is shorter than me. He seems to know the minute you are going to aim the food towards his open mouth and UP goes the arm and then the food goes everywhere! He wants desperately to drink from a cup so we do this everyday. I basically view it as a way to swab him down as none of the water goes into him.
You can see my baby food making the the picture. I took this picture on a particularly rough sunday afternoon when I was dreading the amount of work and stress of the next day. Baby food making is one of the wonderful chores that is fast, easy, and fulfilling. After a half-hour's worth of work...Voila! you have food for a week! I'm thinking of gradually trying to introduce it into Gabe's diet as well. Blending is just so much eaiser than cooking!


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