Friday, January 05, 2007

We are going through transitions this week. It was my last week at home and Gabe's last week at work. Emory must have felt the stress because he moved to eating 10-11 times a day instead of 8. For a couple of days I was completely exhausted. (see picture!) However, here we are on Friday night getting ready to celebrate Gabe's upcoming Daddy time and big raise at work. 10 weeks ago, I imagined that I would be dreading this day like a dental appointment. But now that it's here, I find that I am excited to go back to work and be with kids again. I recently saw Senator Obama on Oprah talking about leading a useful life, and I remembered that I am incredibly passionate about teaching and love my job. It's also easy to let Emory go knowing that Gabe is going to be having such a wonderful experience with him for the next two months. Going back to work reminds me of something my mom told me years and years ago, that children move through your life. I'm so grateful to have gotten the last 10 weeks of intense time with Emory and now I'm ready to let him move on to another phase.


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