Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today I felt like a real working Mom. Monday and tuesday were nice easy days with meetings. Today I fed Emory at 5 and went to work an hour and a half early. My thinking was that I could get most of my work done and come home early when he was awake. (ha ha ha) The day is very different then I remember. In between frantically grading lots of assignments for the report card deadline for tomorrow, I run back and forth from the bathroom pumping. The kids take a test...which they all do horribly on. SO I call Gabe and have him bring the baby in after work so I can redo my lesson plans and still spend time with little buddy. Emory spends an hour and a half after work running around in the sling with me as I make new plans, xerox and record grades. I'm finally home now at 4:30 and exhausted. Guess who's ready to eat??? Gotta go!


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