Friday, November 03, 2006

Emory's day

Emory's Friday

12:00 am- I finally go to sleep after catching up on some Mythbusters episodes.

3:00 Am- I wake up for some food and then go back to sleep in the bassinet in the bathroom. It is very warm in there.

5:00 AM- I have another snack and then get to cuddle in bed with mom and dad. Dad goes to work at 6:00. I'm so cute he can never get up in time to shower and shave! After Dad goes to work I take a long nap with mom in bed.

8:30 AM I get up for breakfast, and then I'm UP! I like to look around at the lights. Mom carries me in the sling as she frantically tries to get ready, check email, eat breakfast, and find the car keys.

11:00 AM Today we had a hospital appointment. I have gained 2 OZ and now weigh 5 lbs 13.5 oz. Also my jaundice has gone down even more. Everyone is very impressed with my cuteness.

12:00 PM Mom and I have lunch with Dad at Celestial Seasonings. Mom seems quite happy to let everyone else hold me while she eats. (I'm supposed to be the one eating!) Dad gives me a snack that mom brought with us.

2:00 PM We get home and I take a nap with mom and the new quilt. It is so beautiful and warm. (See picture) The quilt was made by Nola Hartman. Thank you so much Nola! I will get to use it everyday!

4:30 PM Dad comes home and now its time for me to eat again. This evening I am going to watch some football with dad and maybe a movie. And of course I am going to eat a few more times. hmmm. ...I spend 9 hours a day eating. I guess that is my favorite hobby right now.


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