Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Here I am with Emory in the sling. It is fabulous. Everyone was super amazed at the hospital and they are now thinking about featuring them at the Nursing Nook Store.

Our hospital visit was very fun. There really is nothing like having all sorts of people come up and tell you how cute your baby is. Of course I totally agree.

Today I realized that I am now very stupid. I got into the car and couldn't remember how to start it. I did a few things that seemed appropriate and then couldn't tell whether the car was on or not. Finally I pulled myself together and said, "Is this an automatic?" Quick check because I couldn't remember. "No, Ok clutch in....turn on." I then drove a sedate 15 mph to the hospital and muttered angrily about all the crazy drivers passing me at 50. We try again on Friday when we have lunch with Gabe at celestial Seasonings.

I am now completely obsessed with the Harry Potter books on Tape. My friends Elizabeth, Ginney and Nola have been telling me for years how wonderful they are! I listen to them while nursing and pumping and it is amazing now how fast the time flies. Emory will probably become a little chunker just because I can't stop listening to the Dvds.

Happy Birthday to my good friend Deb!!!!


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