Sunday, August 20, 2006

We love having people over to the House. Yesterday we had a poker party and tonight Harold and Lauren came over with some fabulous pasta sauce to watch the Redsox game. (Harold was watching the Yankees Game)

Here are Gabe and Harold and Lauren in the downstairs. You can see all of Gabe's Pool trophies behind the pool table. The foozeball room is off to the right and my office is also on this floor along with the laundry room.

I had a scary fall at the poker game in the kitchen. Literally, one moment I was standing and the next I was landing on the floor. I think that the problem was that Gabe had mopped the kitchen floor so it didn't have the sheen of stickiness I'm used to having! This just proves that cleaning can be dangerous. I keep telling Gabe that but he doesn't believe me.


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