Saturday, October 27, 2012

Emory's Birthday Party!

We had Emory's birthday party this evening and it was a huge success! Andrea worked hard and made Emory's very special day so much fun! Also, thanks to my Mom, Peter, Shanti & Claire for helping get the house ready for what was about to happen:


Monster Cupcakes!

Emory & Lily in costume...


Our basement transformed into a scary haunted house with aliens, ghosts, skeletons and more!

plus 21 kids and 11 or so adults!!!


And a dinosaur (Lily) and Captain America (cousin Sam) destroying their cupcakes!

and Grandma Evie shooting the Nerf gun! It was a fun time; exhausting and crazy at times, but lots of fun! Happy Birthday to my little man who is now 6 years old!
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At 10:27 PM , Blogger elizabeth said...

Wow, the party looks amazing!


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