Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Family tragedy

Shatteringly, we found out today that Gabe's dad Ed died this morning in his sleep.  It would take a better blogger than me to find the right words to express our grief.  I can only say that this leaves a hole in our hearts and lives.  Edgar gave kindness, humor, and warmth freely to the world and it is with great sadness that we leave for MA to say goodbye.  Our only joy today is that we just shared wonderful moments like this with him and have beautiful memories to hold onto.


At 5:39 AM , Blogger TemporaryLibrarian said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry!

At 4:54 PM , Blogger Anica and Aaron said...

I love this picture of him

At 7:31 PM , Blogger elizabeth said...

We're so sorry for your family's loss!


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