Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Today a very scary thing happened. Emory and I were going for a ride in our new bike stroller. I have decided to NOT have a car for the summer. This will increase my financial and physical health at the same time. We love to tool around in the bike trailor and can go many places. Today, however, we couldn't go anywhere because I had a flat tire. This would be the third flat tire. Because of my new proficiency at changing flat tires I decided not to cancel the ride bit just go inside and fix the flat. Emory was happy to go in and play with the stroller in the foyer. While I was fixing the tire, which took longer than I thought, I looked up from a particularly absorbing part to see Emory and the stroller going OFF THE STAIRS. Emory managed to wind up on the floor on his back under the stroller (see Gabe's reenactment) I leaped down the stairs and grabbed him up before he could cry. He had the wind knocked out of him and a bloody mouth. Brandon drove us to the pediatrician and they thought Emory was OK, though he has a forehead bruise. Emory took a nap when we got home and woke up feeling much better. Meanwhile, I fixed the tire while he was safely in his crib. This is yet another time I'm so glad Emory could sign. I was able to assess his potential head injury very quickly. "What's the sign for milk?" "What's the sign for car?"

It was a scary day. Tomorrow we are going to go to story time at the library. I hope that is tamer.
Just in case you are wondering, Emory IS drinking milk out of a calking gun. This is what happens when you leave Gabe and Brandon in charge for a half hour.


At 12:21 PM , Blogger elizabeth said...

Scary!! I LOVE the reenactment picture, though! A similar thing happened to David when he was younger than Emory, and he has a scar on his forehead. I think it makes him look like Harry Potter. But I'm glad Emory won't have his own lightning bolt!


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